Facility Services

Carpentry Division

Our carpentry division will help you solve everything from design problems to getting day to day projects solved.  This division services all small works projects involving renovations of your facility or store.  They also specialize in small projects such as building shelving in the back of house, or making custom cabinetry for displays in your storefront. 


Door and Gate Division

This division was not only designed for installation purposes of doors, locks, and, or gates, but for its 24/7 emergency response time. Getting your staff in their location is fast and easy when a gate gets stuck. They also work with our electrical division if an electrician is needed to restore power to a gate or security system(s). Our staff will manage and coordinate these calls with ease.  Our locksmiths can be on site, in most cases, within 30 minutes of an emergency, all across the country. 


Electrical, Lighting, Sign Division

This department is run by master electricians and sign mechanics. They are able to manage all of your electrical projects, lighting calls, and sign maintenance needs. 

This department works with major electrical contractors, electrical maintenance firms, lighting service companies, and major sign design and maintenance companies around the country.

Our electrical, lighting, and sign division team has over 30 years experience in their field. All your calls will be serviced with the right type of contractor in a competitive price frame, while providing quality craftsmanship within a competitive price frame.


Painting and Artist Division

This division utilizes artists and painters from around the country.  Their expertise ranges from Venetian plaster experts, to painters from drywall, to small patch and paint jobs. These painters know how to mix and design custom colors to special design scenarios.  Any painting scenario you have, from plain vanilla box to custom colors, this division services it all.


Handyman Services Division

This division is composed of skilled technicians throughout the country that can service taking up small sections of VCT and installing new. They also handle small repairs inside the store where an industry specific technician is not needed. Clean ups of stores whether they are a new vanilla box or stores that have spills or need some maintenance. These technicians can get any small repair job done with quality craftsmanship and expedite the call with quick response if necessary, and with transparency. 


Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

This division handles all carpet and upholstery cleaning. We will remove the dirt, soils, and most stains from carpets. Upholstery is made of many different fibers. Different fibers require different methods of cleaning. We identify the fiber, appropriate cleaning method, and the problem areas - without damaging the fabric.  

Stone and Wood Floor Maintenance

This division will clean and refresh the look of your stone and wood flooring.  Our professional and certified technicians use specialized cleaning solutions to remove dirt and grime that has built up.


Please call us at 1-888-501-1848 or 732-899-2442, fax us at 732-248-8585 or contact us by clicking here.