About AMS

Aacis is composed of several different departments.  Carpentry, door and gates, electrical, lighting and sign divisions, handyman services, painting, patching, plumbing and small works projects.

Where Aacis stands out from its competition is the quality of service that starts right from the project or service call start. We hire experts in each area of our departments that can possibly solve a problem over the phone or dispatch one of our contractors to get the job done with quality craftsmanship, within competitive price structures.  Real white glove treatment.

We offer technicians with expertise in their field.  We do not use a handyman to fix electrical issues, we use a licensed, insured electrician. Plumbers are used to run water and waste projects.  Yet, we have a handyman division that can take care of small works calls to patching drywall and clean up projects.


Please call us at 1-888-501-1848 or 732-899-2442, fax us at 732-248-8585 or contact us by clicking here.